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Bank of India Net Banking

With the main branch in Mumbai, Bank of India is a successfully operating nationalized bank of India. Being established in the year 1906, this bank has been able to create a widespread presence among the people with its quality assured banking services. The bank has been constantly updating its services with advancement in technology over time.

Globalised net banking facility

The Bank of India being a nationalized bank offers globalised level facility of net banking for the users. Some of the significant countries which are covered under this facility include New Zealand, Belgium, Kenya, Jersey, France, Japan, UK, Tanzania, Botswana, New York, Johannesburg, Uganda. The bank provides this globalised facility of secure and convenient net banking through Star token.

What is Star Token?

Star Token is basically the next generation advanced technology and system for secure banking services as well as authentication of two-factor which has been launched by the Bank of India in order to provide secure and protected services of net banking to the users. This new advancement of technology has been adopted by the bank to avoid various cyber crimes including identity thefts, phishing attacks as well as cyber frauds. This advanced technology has taken the experience of net banking to another level. It has created a highly secured as well as protected environment for the users to operate the services of net banking without using any kind of 3rd party browser.

How to avail the Star token advantage?

In order to take maximum advantage of this Star Token technology while operating net banking, the net banking users are required to follow the following steps to install Star Token on your computer systems:
• Visit the internet banking page for retain users of Bank of India and access log in to your registered account.
• After successful enrollment to Star Token, you will be provided with an Activation PIN mailer through post on your address.
• After logging in your account, you have to activate the Star Token.
• As soon as you activate it, you will be provided with the option of downloading the Star Token. Click on the download option and run the program.
• The Star Token will be successfully installed on your computer with the help of which you can easily operate secure and protected net banking.

Services under Star Token

Star Token covers various basic features of online net banking service provided by the bank in a secure network. Some of the major services that can be enjoyed through Star Token include:
• Subsequent services of internet banking including statement of account, fund transfers, and many more.
• Protected online payments can also be made through this Star token technology which includes the payment of bills, booking of airline tickets, online shopping and any more.

Best customer support assured

The bank ensures smooth and convenient services to its users by providing operative services of customer care on the toll free numbers 1800-220-229 and 1800-103-1906 for 24*7 support.