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Deccan Gramin Bank Net Banking

Online net banking is the most prevalent way of banking. Deccan Gramin bank of Andhra Pradesh is one of the leading scheduled government bank which provides this service of online net banking to all its bank account holders. This mode of e-banking has made the banking procedure easier and convenient.

How to avail the facility of Internet banking?

Every bank account holder prefers to use online net banking for any kind of transaction. Now the question arises how to get this facility activated on your account? Obviously in government bank, there are certain basic requirements that are needed to be fulfilled by the account holders to get this service activated in their account. The first and the foremost thing that is required by a consumer to become eligible for net banking are holding of an account in any of the bank’s branch. Thereafter a proper request is to be made in the respective branch for the activation of net banking services by filling up the application form. Then only online net banking service gets activated in your account.

How to get the Application forms?

The secondary thing that matters is the availability of the application form. Managing of the application form is also not a difficult task. People can obtain this application form as well as the whole information about this facility through the official website of the bank. The consumers have to fill request application form and submit it in your respective branch. Then the bank will provide a confidential user id and password through which the consumers can access their accounts.

How to operate net banking?

Now to gain the benefits of DGB Net banking facility, the user should be aware of the operation of Net banking. The consumer must follow the following steps to operate their net banking facility:

• Visit the internet banking page of Deccan Gramin Bank
• Select the type of your account whether personal or commercial
• The login page will be available
• Fill in the user id and the password for successful login
After following the above steps the consumers will be directed towards the home page of their account.

Various facilities of Deccan Gramin Bank net banking

The Deccan Gramin Bank Net banking service covers various facilities which are helpful in the banking operation. They are as follows:
• The bank account holders can obtain full details of their account statement through the link of account summary.
• They can even get the detail of all the transactions as well.
• The consumers can transfer the amount to another Deccan Gramin bank Account holder by adding that account as a beneficiary account in their account.
• Fund transfer to some other bank’s account is also possible and many more.

Technical support

If in any situation the consumer faces a problem while operating this net banking service, he can immediately contact on the toll free number which is available on the official website of the bank