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Mizoram Rural Bank net banking

Mizoram Rural Bank is one of the major Regional Rural banks in India. They are among those networks of banks which provide internet banking facility to their customers. Now the customers of Mizoram Rural bank can also avail the facility of easy internet banking without undergoing any difficulty. This advanced facility of internet banking is leading people towards advanced standards of living.

How to apply for net banking facility?

The most significant question that arises in the mind of every individual is what is the procedure to avail the net banking facility? Applying for this facility does not require any lengthy process. In fact, it can be availed in the most easy and convenient way.
• The customers who have a registered account in any of the branches of Mizoram Rural bank can directly apply for this facility by downloading the application form from the official website of the bank.
• After filling this application form you need to submit it in the respective branch.
• Thereafter, the bank will provide you with the secret user id and password to access your account online.
Following the above procedure will provide you the key to use your net banking facility.

Advantages of MRB internet banking

After receiving the user id and password from the bank, people can directly access their accounts by successfully logging in their accounts. They just have to visit the internet banking page of the bank, where customer type details and login details are asked. Fulfilling all these details people will be directed toward their accounts without any hurdle. The various tasks that could be performed after logging in your account are:
• People can access all their account details after logging in their account.
• Any transaction detail can also be checked by using internet banking facility of Mizoram Rural bank.
• People can transfer funds into different accounts of the same bank by adding beneficiary accounts.
• • People can even transfer funds into different accounts of different banks also.
• The status of any cheque can also be checked through this facility.
• Payment of cheque can also be stopped.
These are some of the banking tasks that can be performed with ease using this net banking facility.

Required Safety measures

Advancement in technology has influenced the working of banking services a lot. Thus there is a strict requirement of taking certain security measures while using this advanced facility of Net banking. They are:
• Always keep your user id and password confidential.
• Be very cautious while transferring funds online. If any small mistake occurs it can cause a big problem to you.
• Never access your account on any public system as there are chances of your account being hacked.

Customer support

In case of any problem or trouble while using net banking facility people may directly contact the customer care through email on or and your problem will be addressed within 24 hours of your complaint.