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Regional Rural banks (RRBs)

RRBs are banking organizations which operate at local level in various Indian States. These banks were actually set up with the basic purpose to provide financial and banking services in rural areas. These RRBs perform a number of functions as follows:
• Mobilize the financial resources as available in rural and semi-urban areas
• Grant loans to farmers, laborers and artisans
• Provide bank facilities to the people in rural areas
• Carry out public operations such as disbursing wages of the workers at MGNREGA and pensions
• Provide para-banking services such as lockers, debit cards, credit cards, etc.

Regional Rural Banks as operating in different states can be enlisted as follows:

Andhra Pradesh Gramin Vikas Bank

Andhra Pradesh Gramin Bank

Deccan Gramin Bank, Andhra Pradesh

Chaitanya Godavari Gramin Bank, Andhra Pradesh

Saptagiri Gramin Bank, Andhra Pradesh

Assam Grameen Vikas Bank

• Langpi Dehangi Bank, Assam

• Arunachal Pradesh Regional Rural Bank

• Uttar Bihar Grameena Bank

• Madhya Bihar Grameena Bank

• Bihar Grameena Bank

• Chattisgarh Rajya Grameena Bank

• Dena Gujarat Grameena Bank

• Baroda Gujarat Grameena Bank

• Saurashtra Grameena Bank, Gujarat

• Sarva Haryana Grameena Bank, Haryana

• Himachal Pradesh Grameena Bank

• Jharkhand Grameena Bank

• Vananchal Grameena Bank, Jharkhand

• Jammu & Kashmir Grameena Bank

• Ellaquai Dehaati Bank, Jammu and Kashmir

• Kaveri Gramin Bank, Karnataka

• Karnataka Vikas Gramin Bank

• Pragathi Krishna Grameena Bank

• Kerala Grameena Bank

• Maharashtra Grameena Bank

• Vidharbha Konkan Grameena Bank, Maharashtra

• Narmada Jhabua Grameena Bank, MP

• Central MP Grameena Bank, MP

• Madhyanchal Grameena Bank, MP

• Manipur Regional Rural Bank

• Meghayala Regional Rural Bank

• Mizoram Regional Rural Bank

• Nagaland Regional Rural Bank

• Odhisha Gramya Bank

• Utkal Grameena Bank

• Punjab Grameena Bank

• Malwa Grameena Bank, Punjab

• Sutlej Grameena Bank, Punjab

• Puduvai Bharathiar Gram Bank, Puducherry

Baroda Rajasthan Kshetriya Grameena Bank

• Marudhara Rajasthan Grameena Bank

• Pandayan Gram Bank, Tamil Nadu

• Pallavan Gram Bank, Tamil Nadu

• Allahabad UP Grameena Bank

Baroda UP Grameena Bank

• Grameena Bank of Aayavrata, UP

• Kashi Gomati Samyut Grameena Bank, UP

• Prathama Bank, UP

• Purvanchal Bank, UP

• Sarva UP Grameena Bank

Uttarakhand Grameena Bank

• Bangiya Grameena Vikas Bank, West Bengal

• Paschim Banga Grameena Bank, West Bengal

• Uttarbanga Kshetriya Grameena Bank, West Bengal