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Citi Group

Citigroup is one of the renowned banks of America and they offer net bank in very easy and secure way. Citigroup offer their block chain technology which is growing day by day and can be seen as the largest technology disruption in the traditional finance sector services. Net banking is the best example of their global digital technologies. Apart from the regular net banking facilities, they provide some special features to their clients in order to make their transactions protective and less time taking. Touch ID Authentication and Mobile Check Deposit features through Citi Mobile App are some special instance of Citigroup services.

Ways to login net banking

There are many ways for using net Banking services in which major ones are mentioned below-

Mobile & Net Banking

To enjoy the Citi group services at your comfort zone, download the Citi Mobile app and sign on to your account for once. You can download it on your Apple Watch, iPhone, Windows Phone and Android mobiles to enjoy simplified banking facilities. Some of its benefits are-
  • Easy to search nearest Citi ATMs, 5 recent transactions.
  • For iPhone users Touch ID authentication through your figure tip to sign on your account.
  • Citi Mobile Snapshot is an optional feature to quick access of current account balance from your mobile without sign on every time. In case of any transaction or payment of bill you will have to sign on your id and password.

Mobile Check Deposit

Download Citi Mobile app and deposit your next check through your iPhone, Android and iPod touch devices. Here are some steps to make you understand that how it works-
  • Sign on your account in Citi mobile app.
  • Select the option “ Make a Transaction”.
  • Accept the terms & conditions as a part of process.
  • Choose the checking account in which you want to deposit your check.
  • Enter the amount on your check.
  • It requires the sign at the back of your check then click its image.
  • After taking the picture of your check submit the images of check for your mobile deposit.
  • Once your deposit is get accepted for further processing or received you get Conformation email.

Online & Mobile Fraud Protection

This is an automatic coverage service to protect you from loss due to any fraud and for this you don’t even need to sign up your account.

Terms & Conditions

  • If your money have been transferred or withdrawn from your account on Citi Mobile or Citi Online without your conformation.
  • If your user ID or Password have been stolen or lost.
  • You can claim within 10 working days.

In Case if you forget your password:

  • In case if users forget its password, they provide Forget User ID or Password option.
  • By which by which users can reset their password or ID through their ATM/debit card or credit card account number.
  • If your credit card or bank account number is not linked with their online account, you can change or locate your User Id & password with the help of your email address.