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Federal Bank Internet Banking

Federal Bank has provided a platform for internet banking. This platform is named Fednet. Fednet is a platform for important banking operations like transfer of funds, viewing account statements, cheque books requests etc. Fednet provides banking solutions accessed anytime irrespective of the location. Now due to its compressed sizes it can be used on Mobile phones also and named as mobile banking.

How to access Federal Bank Internet Banking and mobile banking Services?

In order to avail net banking and mobile banking services, one has to register for Fednet. Registration can be done through two ways- registering online or by applying to the branch.

Online Registration

For online registration for Fednet one should have a bank account at Federal Bank. An individual should have an operating contact number and an authentic email id which has to be registered with the same bank account. Having a valid ATM card is must. However, online registration only enables an individual to view his account. Transaction facility is only offered at a special request by the client. To enable transaction facility, one has to activate the Two Factor Authentication which facilitates both viewing and transaction facility.

Offline Registration

Customers can register for net banking and mobile banking through offline process in which they should visit on their branch. They can fill its form after that in just few working days they can collect their User ID and passwords to access the net banking. For mobile banking when customers forward a request they receive a SMS of link and password by which they can install its application and can access their mobile banking with that provided numeric password.

How to use Federal Bank Internet Banking Services?

To start using the internet banking facilities of Federal Bank, an individual have to follow these steps:-
• Browse the official website of Federal Bank.
• There will be a Fednet Link on the home page. Clicking on that will guide to login page.
• One has to choose the type of banking services he want to avail like personal banking or corporate banking.
• Then after entering the user ID and password, one can avail the banking services.

What are the facilities offered by Fednet?

Federal bank net banking and mobile banking services constitute a set of services which provide easy and convenient banking. Some of the major services offered by Fednet are as follows:-

• Transfer of Funds

Speedy funds transactions through NEFT/RTGS on laptop or PC and through IMPS in mobile banking, loan repayments etc.

• Payment of Bills

Utility bill payments, mutual funds, insurance premiums, taxes etc.

• Transfer of Funds

Speedy funds transactions through NEFT/RTGS on laptop or PC and through IMPS in mobile banking, loan repayments etc.

• Anytime Banking

Adds mini statements, viewing loan schedules, checking account details and downloading account statements.

• Mobile Recharge

This facility provides recharging mobile phones from anywhere by over 13 mobile carriers.

• Online requests

For cheque books and demand drafts online. Additionally, one can also check status of cheque books and renew or open deposits.

• Additional services

Fednet also allows clients to view details of TDS and mange the depository accounts.

How customer can contact on Help desk?

Through toll free number 18004251199 customers can easily contact to help desk to resolve the problems as well as they also get the resolution through mailing process by visiting its official website.