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Latest guidelines of RBI for net banking users

Account related-

After successful login, Account summary login screen appears where you can see your account details related to balance, unclear balance, overdraft limit etc. You can also view your transaction detail for any specified period of time.

Fund transfer-

Some default funds transfer limits are given to customers based on the type of account. In case you wish to raise the limits per day, you may give a written request to your respective branch. For different bank there are different fund transfer limits.
1. You have to give a “Payee ID” for each of the beneficiary and should attach a valid Account.
2. You can transfer funds to the extent of ‘Net available balance’ or upto the ‘Per day limit’ fixed by the Bank for you, whichever is less, to any one of your other accounts. The same procedure is applicable for transferring fund to the third party.

3. You can also transfer funds from your account to an account with another Bank using NEFT (RBI Guidelines) with the same above procedure.

4. You can also check loan account details and term deposit details and take the print out of it.