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ICICI Bank Net Banking

ICICI Bank would allege Rs 5 on every thousand rupees on every at branches. The charges are imposed on only cash withdrawal at non-home division of ICICI. It is imposed on both accounts.
ICICI Bank Net Banking is a simple way for accessing banking services which provides a trouble-free experience of performing banking tasks online. This service exempts an individual from the complications and delays of banking. The service offers its clients to transfer funds, pay bills, and recharge mobile and other tasks online without any hassles in a secure environment. Additionally ICICI bank has lunched Tab banking through which customer can open their account in just few minutes and take all the benefits of net banking and mobile banking.

How to get started with ICICI Bank Net Banking and mobile banking services?

ICICI bank provides a User ID and password along with the welcome kit when an individual opens an account in any branch of ICICI bank. If one does not have a User ID and password, individual can apply for it online. A registered number with the account is all required for getting a User ID, the password for the same can be set online by browsing the official website of ICICI Bank. ICICI Bank Net Banking Services also allows a customer to link additional accounts of ICICI Bank to a User ID provided that all the accounts must belong to the same individual.
To start ICICI mobile banking customer should download its application through its website and after entering the 4 digit code they can access their net banking on mobile banking.

What are the features of ICICI Bank Net Banking & mobile banking?

ICICI Bank Net Banking and mobile banking service offers many services to its clients ensuring a convenient and hassle free experience. Some of the main facilities provided by ICICI’s Net Banking & mobile banking Services are as follows:-

Fund Transfer

This service assists an individual to transfer funds. Funds can be transferred to one’s own account, to some other ICICI account or to another bank account using NEFT/RTGS. Additionally, funds can also be transferred to any other account through IMPS by availing net banking on mobile banking. Apart from these, ICICI Bank exclusively gives a facility to transfer funds to foreign countries.

Payment of Bills

Through this facility customer can make the payments of utility bills.

Mobile recharges

Recharging prepaid mobile phones can be done easily.

Mobile recharges

Recharging prepaid mobile phones can be done easily.

Management of finance

This service offers management of bank account online through ICICI Bank Net Banking. This unique feature facilitates a client to view his other bank accounts and account details also. It also provides a utility to manage expenses by setting budgets

Online Payment of credit cards and loans

It involves payment of credit cards and loans online by using either net banking or debit card.

Online investment

This feature of ICICI Bank Net Banking encompass investing in mutual funds online. It provides a client to purchase exchange or switch online.


ICICI Bank Net Banking also provides a comprehensive feature of storing valuable documents like birth certificate, statement of passbook, PAN Card etc. online. These documents can be accessed from anywhere through ICICI Bank Net Banking.

How Internet Banking is made secure with ICICI Bank Net Banking?

ICICI Bank provides secure transactions to its clients by an exclusive application named i-safe. This facility provides a client with an OTP in case of any inconvenient activity in the accessing pattern.