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Paytm wallet is considered to be the most chosen payment option for more than 16 Million customers. PayTm is acknowledged at more than fifteen Lakhs commercial locations offline as well as online. Even the RBI has located a necessary monthly limit for the PayTm wallet. Because of this no people can spend or keep over Rs. 10,000 in their wallet within a month.

Usage of PayTm:

There are various types of effects that you may do by utilizing this mobile wallet or we can say digital wallet. Some of them are as follows:

Recharge: You can recharge your Data Cards, prepaid mobile connections, metro cards, as well as DTH cable by using Paytm wallet. But from the among them, the commonest utilization of Paytm wallet is especially for the mobile recharge. In case, if you have any prepaid phone, you can make a use of this wallet to recharge your number.
Bill payments: You can use PayTm wallet for your postpaid mobile connections, landline, broadband, and at last for electricity or water bill payments.

Ticket Booking: PayTm wallets can also be utilize for railway tickets, bus tickets, airways tickets, movies, and hotel rooms, etc.

E-Commerce:PayTm is an e-commerce portal, by which you can buy goods such as fashion wear, home appliances, and electronics.

Offline payments: You may have observed an amount of merchants there and here who show a small placard ‘PayTm Accepted Here’. There is also a QR code by which you can make a payment to a service provider by utilizing your PayTm wallets.

For example to buy groceries from your local grocery store all one need to have is the QR code or, the registered number through which the shopkeeper set up his paytm account. QR code method being the easiest and most swift (as one does not need to type in the number at which the said payment is being made) is used most widely, all one needs to do is click on ‘scan’ button on paytm then move the camera over the code and all one needs to do after the app reads the code is enter the amount one wishes to pay.. And all of it takes even less time than reading this paragraph. Internet connection is required to make a payment , though is not required to receive payments.

Money Transfer: By the help of PayTm Wallet, you can send money to anyone using Money transfer option mention in the option of Paytm wallet. You can also transfer money to anyone’s bank account or directly send money to anyone else Paytm account.

Cashless Rides: In this case, you can utilize Uber or Ola to your every day travel requirements by utilizing your PayTm wallet to pay your rides as well as have the benefit of cashless travels.