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Vijaya Bank Internet Banking

V-Net is the internet banking tool of Vijaya Bank. This facility provides the clients to access their loan accounts and operative accounts online anytime from and from anywhere. V-Net offers banking facilities in two categories namely Retail banking and corporate banking. Retail banking is the internet banking service offered to clients for personal banking while corporate banking is meant for corporate clients like public/private companies, trusts, partnership companies etc.

How to apply for Vijaya Bank Internet Banking Service?

Vijaya Bank Internet Banking service is made available for all the clients who have an operative bank account in any of the internet enabled Vijaya bank branch. Application form is available on the official website of Vijaya Bank and can be downloaded from the same. The completely filled form is to be submitted to the branch office. Upon approval, Bank will provide a kit having a User ID and two passwords- a login password and a transaction password. VNet can then be accessed by going through the official website of Vijaya Bank and entering the User ID & password.

What advantages do Vijaya Bank internet banking services offer?

Vijaya Bank Internet Banking Service offers its clients a number of facilities for the purpose of making banking tasks convenient. Clients can benefit from a range of services which include the following:-
• Online funds Transfer- Online banking Service of Vijaya bank offer its clients to make Intra-Bank and Inter Bank fund transfers. With Intra-Bank fund transfer, clients are facilitated with the service of transferring funds within one’s own accounts. Additionally, funds can also be transferred to any other Vijaya Bank account. Inter-Bank fund transfer is a service meant for transferring funds to other bank accounts through RTGS or NEFT.
• Online payment of taxes - Vijaya Bank Net banking Service assists the customers to make payment of their direct or indirect taxes online with ease. Direct taxes like TDS, Corporation tax, Wealth tax, Income tax etc can be paid conveniently using Vijaya Bank Net banking Service. Indirect taxes like central tax or excise tax can also be paid online using this service. Additionally, clients can also pay their commercial taxes like VAT/ET etc online.
• Online deposits- This facility enables the customers to make deposits online.
• Making donations- With this service, clients can make donations for temples and funds online with convenience.
• Payment of bills -Vijaya Bank Net Banking Service provides the facility paying utility bills like electricity bills, gas bills etc online. Clients can also pay their insurance premiums and make online recharges for prepaid phones or DTH online. Moreover, one can also book air, rail or bus tickets using this service.
• Online Trading - This service facilitates the clients to trade online in IDBI Capital.

What to do in case of any troubles with Vijaya Bank internet banking?

Vijaya Bank has a dedicated customer care which assists clients in case of any troubles with Net Banking. Customers can contact the customer care on a toll free number mentioned on the official website of Vijaya Bank. One can also walk through the nearest bank office for any queries related to Vijaya Bank Net banking.